Potty Training Stickers for - Toddlers Kids Boys Girls Magic Toilet Target Color Changing Stickers 10 pcs Potty Training Urinal Reusable Pee Aim Target Use with or Without Potty Watch or Potty Chart

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If you’re worrying about when to start potty training your child then worry no more. Add reward items so your child knows what they are aiming for. Use stickers each time they use the toilet or try peeing in the toilet or potty. Making this a true celebration is really encouraging for them and should motivate them to continue doing well.

Make potty training easier with our informative and fun potty-training stickers kit

What’s included?

In each package you’ll receive an assortment of 10 pcs - 5 animals stacked targets packaged in Envelope

Envelope Includes: 10 Stickers

Cute Animals

  • Lion x 2
  • Bear x 2
  • Crocodile x 2
  • Koala x 2
  • Cockerel x 2
  • 7 Inches DIA

Simple & Easy To Clean/strong>

Featuring a smooth, sleek surface is easy to clean with a simple wipe.

Build Self Esteem

Such a procedure positively influences children’s efforts and makes them more independent with every try

Instruction and principle of work of Magic Sticker

- Stick on the dry surface of the potty
- The sticker is black at first. The child pees in the pot the urine gets on the sticker and a picture appears
-Wait until the baby goes to the potty, rinse with cold water-MAGIC !!

before the first use, you can demonstrate the operation of the magic sticker to the baby using a glass of warm water

Customer Service

- Our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and this shows in the feedback that we receive.If for any reason you are not absolutely satisfied with the Potty Training Stickers,we will send a replacement


Potty Training Stickers – potty training is a huge milestone in any little one’s life which is why it is important to encourage them as soon as they’re ready. Every time your child uses the toilet or potty they should be rewarded with one of the fun animal stickers

Fun and Exciting Potty Training Kit – we have included everything you need to make potty training a complete success: Koala Lion Crocodile Bear and Cockerel will be working hard to successfully complete training your kid

Magic- Stickers are made from thermochromic color changing paper are heat sensitive and reveal color upon contact with heat, PVC covering makes it easy to rinse and prevents it from retaining odor

Change Patterns - Kids are afraid of potty training because they just dread sitting on the potty Keeping that in mind we have designed this fun stickers which could excite engage and motivate your young one to use the potty

Safety Material - CPC Certified

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