Baby Potty Training Toilet Seat with Soft Cushion Handles for Boys and Girls

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Safe and Comfortable Handle Helps Baby Independence

Handle‘s strong bearing capacity ensuring that the baby is stable enough on the seat. The grip handles offer additional security which makes your kid feel safe while sitting on it. Easy for your child to use Kids are always growing, the lightweight toilet trainer is easy for your child to put on or take off without assistance. The toilet trainer can then simply be hung up by the practical handle on the back. Older children can easily sit down on the toilet trainer unaided thanks to the clever design. However, you should always help your child to climb up and down from the seat until it is safe for the child to do so alone.

Double Insurance Design for Baby Safety

The Toilet Training Seat by ENWOL is the ideal way to start training your child how to use the toilet. Adjustable snap and front anti-slip bezelensure you child is secure as possible while learning how to use the bathroom.

Anti-Splash Design For Boys and Girls

The potty training seat has an integrated urine splash guard to direct the flow into the toilet and decrease accidents on the floor. It's adopt soft cushion removable design, can easy to clean and more hygienic Looking for an easy and convenient way to start toilet training your child?

  • • High quality PU material for Safe and Comfortable
  • • Ergonomic Design Protect Child's Healthy Growth
  • • Hook design for easy storage
  • • Double Insurance Design Keeps Baby Safety
  • • Anti-Splash and Detachable Design for Easy Clean


• Health and Environmental protection Material - Different from inferior plastic & sponge materials used in most similar products,ENWOL use high-quality PU+PP environmental protection material. Soft and comfortable like a sofa, it can protect the baby's skin. Comfortable soft washer, Keep your baby's butt warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Please purchase ENWOL safe, healthy and comfortable toilet seats for your baby.

• Stable and Patent Design - Adjustable snap and front anti-slip bezel keep the toilet training seat securely in place, the grip handles offer additional security which makes your kid feel safe while sitting on it. Cultivate child's ability of independent toilet and stimulate your baby's potential for independence.

• Ergonomic Design - Streamlined high-back design fits the baby's back, ergonomic design protect your baby's spine from damage. Also, anti-splash design of the training seat prevents spills outside the toilet. Self-contained hook design for easy storage, detachable high quality cushion makes cleaning easy.

• Not suitable for square toilet Applicability- The toilet trainer suitable for 1-7-year-old children, The front heightening urinal design can be used by both male and female babies. It takes just a few seconds to install.Toilet seat are designed to fit most toilet seats safely. The wide ring completely covers the toilet opening and fits most standard toilet seats.(Not Suitable for Square Toilet)

• Click to Buy Now: Buy the best high quality potty seat for your baby and any questions with the product, please feel free to contact our customer service, we could provide you with professional help within 24 hours.

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